Just do it!!

Just do it!

Cliche right?!

But sometimes you just have to soldier on and just do it.

Yes you guessed it, I’m still on that tip…to keep grinding people.

It is the little things really, but when combine they make a huge difference.

Each day, one step forward towards your goals.


Keep grinding!!

Few years ago I set some personal goals that at the age of 25 I would like to have achieved.

Unfortunately life does not conform to your timeframe.

The most difficult thing is to come to terms with that. Many go through anxiety and depression – I am one of those. Fortunately everyday is a learning curve.

What I have learned so far is the value of time.

I truly believe that it is never to late or too early to achieve your dreams in life. You don’t have to achieve certain things in life at the same time as your friends, college mates etc.

What matters is that you have goals that you want to accomplish and you work towards them each and every day. There is no calender in life that has to followed.

Your race, your pace.

Though coming to terms with this is challenging, once you have grasped it you see life challenges with a different perspective.

Keep grinding people ❤

Let go! And be happy💃

So many people live their lives surrounded by negative energy. They carry all the burdens of yesterday their shoulders.

As difficult as it may be, sometimes the vest thing you cando for yourself is to let go. Do away with negative energy and attract positive vibes.

Hence the above quote is so relevant. I try, the operative word being try, by all means to let go. It’s not easy but it has been good for my peace of my and attitude towards life.

For a long time, I have carried negative energy with me. Until one day I made a decision to start over, forgive those who wronged me, accept circumstances I cannot change, be grateful for the present and look forward to the future!

Let go and be happy☺

Finally, she writes!!!


So one day I was browsing through LinkedIn and I saw this link by a lady (-forget her name)🙊but she is my connection on LinkedIn. The way she had captioned the link got me interested plus is was about the environment – so because I am an Environmentalist 🤗 I wanted to know more, I clicked the link♾.
And guess what??
It was her personal blog; she had written a very nice piece about environmental conservation more especially water related issues. I think this was before the talks of Day Zero that have been going on recently, can’t be too sure. 🤔
I thought to myself I should do this. I immediately created my account here😎, and I really wanted to write something but never got to put those words down. He he what do you know; here we are today 02nd of March 2018 with my very first post🖎.
Yeeeeey to me!!👏👏👏
So I’m not really sure if I am going to focus on writing about a particular topic or what. For now I am going to write about everything and anything.


Signing of….with some sparkles 😗pexels-photo-288478.jpeg